SweatLogic Teacher Training Certification is one-of-a-kind and offers an opportunity for you to learn to principles of Group Fitness Training, Voice, and Leadership to transform lives, and earn a great living. The SweatLogic Training program is designed to give you all the personal experience, academic knowledge, and business skills required to work professionally as a fitness instructor.

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Teacher Training

Dec 1&2 2023

Why should you jump into teaching fitness?


Worldwide interest in hot fitness is booming, but most of the books and teachers make things so complicated and so extreme that the average person doesn’t know where to turn for guidance.

There are very few instructors currently, so the timing is perfect.

Deliver Immediate Results

You’ll deliver positive, mind-body results for your students in 60 minutes or less, every time.

For anyone on a health journey, this immediate positive feedback loop is so rewarding.

Safety Prevention & Awareness

You’ll learn how to apply the techniques and modifications to support almost all students,

regardless of age, injury, or health status.

Turnkey Training Model

You’ll receive done-for-you sequences and playlists so you can start right away

with no additional investment.

It’s plug-and-play so you’ll be ready to take on classes and clients,

serve them at a high level, and get paid.

Get Mentorship & Feedback Regularly

Our teacher training comes with the opportunity to get continued mentorship after the classroom setting ends. Request feedback at any time and come back to learn more with add-on trainings (TRX, Warm reform, Barre, Intensives, and More).

The Opportunity

For certified teachers, there are three main teaching opportunities right now. Many instructors focus on work with studios, private clients, and workshops.

Group Classes

These classes are offered at local studios and fitness clubs/centers. This teacher training will give you everything needed to be ready to find local studios in your area so you can teach your first group class easily and start teaching regularly right away.

Earning potential: specialized group classes typically pay $25-55 or more per hour*

Private Sessions

These sessions are offered at a clients home.

This teacher training will give you everything needed to be ready to teach your first private class easily and start teaching regularly right away.

Offering classes to private clients offers you a flexible schedule, great pay,

and the opportunity to make a huge impact to an individual.

Earning potential: specialized private classes typically pay $45-75 or more per hour*

Intensive Workshops

These 90-minute sessions include four parts: introduction, lecture, practice, and questions.

I’ll show you how to deliver a 90-minute experience.

Workshops can take place in yoga studios, fitness centers, or corporate settings.

Earning potential: workshop revenue can range from $50-$150 or more per hour*

My Story

Hi! I’m Vanessa,

My fitness journey started over 12 years ago when I choose to take a Bikram Yoga teacher training ($16,000) after loosing my first life partner to cancer. I was young, broken, and completely unaware of the cut throat industry Bikram had created.

After about three years of dedicated and exhausting full time teaching, I realized that I was unhappy with the lack of variety and instructor mentorship available. I left to take one of now 25 additional teachers trainings, learning the in’s and out’s of almost every style of group fitness available.

I then choose to jump into a leadership program that gave me the skills needed to cultivate and empower more leaders.

Combing my two passions, and my four business degrees, I decided to create a teacher training where we not only get the opportunity to learn to teach many formats in fitness, we truly master the ability to support the change that our students want in their lives in a much bigger way. SweatLogic was created to be a space where fitness would just be the vehicle to support our clients dreams, and teachers would become supportive friends (eventually mentors) that would be there to guide them even further.

This teacher training is WAY more than a fitness certificate, it is a leadership course that uses fitness to create shifts for anyone willing to work toward their goals. It is considered a “monitorship” program and is designed to have an extremely small availability so that each participant can have the appropriate support needed to succeed.

We do also understand that many participants take teacher trainings to simply master the style of fitness, but everyone does complete the training with way more leadership skills than they expected, we hope that the LOGIC we deliver elevates everyone around you!

About The Certification

After successfully completing the course, you’ll be qualified to instruct students privately, in yoga studios, fitness centers, and corporate settings anywhere in the world!

Teaching opportunities are available immediately after test out at SweatLogic Upland.

NOTE: We do not sell certifications. All credentials are merit-based and well-deserved.

We take pride in the caliber of our graduates and we’ll hold you to a high standard.

Tuition Investment $1495

includes materials, licensing, and insurance

December 1st & 2nd 2023 11:00am-7:00pm in studio

with additional at home hours

Limited Space Available, this is an intimate training

Mentorship and Test Out Dates to be Scheduled after completion of the training

20-hour Certificate

*MOst teacher trainers will be ready to audition for teaching positions IMMEDIATELY.

a position at Sweatlogic upland is not GUARANTEED, but very much attainable. Teachers with 3 or more class sessions per week qualify for a free MEMBERSHIP, 2 or less classes or subs qualify for a discounted MEMBERSHIP.